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Issue 4 Cover
Play A Journal Of Plays is devoted to reinventing the life of plays on the page. We publish open texts, instruction manuals, scenarios, song cycles, choreographic notations, and other evidence that the inside of the playwright's brain seldom resembles standard formatting.

"Play A Journal of Plays is just the kind of publication our theatre is desperate for: It’s theatrical, wild, experimental, imaginative, fun, new, and, yes, play-full. Here is a celebration of the art by artists with a love for their form, a love for the possible. It’s their mad grope toward tomorrow. It makes you want to read it, because you know that if you don’t you’ll be left in the dust. It makes you want to read it, because it’s an opening — or many openings, one after the other — into something you haven’t yet dreamed of. Read this journal and then go out, get your friends together and do these plays."

– Todd London, Artistic Director, New Dramatists