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ISSUE 1 [Table of Contents]
featuring previously unpublished work by Sheila Callaghan, Robert Quillen Camp, Erik Ehn, Thalia Field, David Greenspan, W. David Hancock, Ruth Margraff, K. Silem Mohammad, Sawako Nakayasu, Sarah Ruhl, Crystal Skillman, Sonya Sobieski, Caridad Svich, Mark Tardi, and others. Forward by Mac Wellman.

ISSUE 2 [Table of Contents]
featuring Anton Dudley, Pig Iron Theatre Company, Alice Tuan, and Mac Wellman. Puppetry portfolio guest edited by Dan Hurlin with work by Jonathan Berger, Ping Chong, Theodora Skipitares, Basil Twist, and Amy Trompetter.

ISSUE 3 [Table of Contents]
featuring Doug Bost, Lisa D'Amour, David Greenspan, Cynthia Hopkins, Liz Meriwether, and Katie Pearl. Introduction by the Editors.
ISSUE 4 [Table of Contents]
featuring Ann Marie Healy, Sibyl Kempson, Kristen Kosmas, Gregory S. Moss, and Ariana Reines. Ensemble portfolio featuring The Debate Society, Les Freres Corbusier, Nature Theatre of Oklahoma, Object Collection, and Rude Mechanicals. Introduction by the Editors.